I’m sure most if not all of you have some adorable pets at home and who doesn’t want to show off their adorable pets.

Today we’re going to take your pet pics from this to this time, cheap easy or even free hacks that you can do right away.

Tip 1, Use the treats. This might seem like common sense or might seem pretty straightforward but let’s be honest cats and dogs have zero attention span and last time I checked they don’t speak English, so anything you’re saying to them they’re probably not going to listen to. Use the treats to your advantage use it to get their attention and keep their attention. You’ll be happy with the pictures they’ll be happy, because they’re getting a constant supply of treats.



Tip2, try taking the pictures on an ottoman or a stool. The reason this is good is because it limits the amount of space your pet has to move around, so they’ll stay still for you. And secondly, if they want to decide to lie down or have a nap facing the opposite direction of the camera, you can just move the ottoman or the stool and face them without having to wake them up or agitate them and get them all riled up again.



Tip 3, use window lighting if you don’t want to buy any lights right off the bat have your shoot near a window, it’ll create some depth on your pet and make your photos a lot more interesting than any other place in the house.



Tip 4, use a big soft light if you do want to get more advanced, you can pick up a softbox for super cheap. I’ll link one below all you got to do is keep the light nice and close so that it makes a big soft light and for a situation like this you want to have a constant light something that’s always on as opposed to a flash. A flash overtime is going to start to hurt your pets eyes and that will be reflected in the pictures. They’ll look more tired and worn out.



Tip 5, use a ring light. A ring light is something you could pick up also for really cheap and I mean keep in mind you don’t have to use these legs only for taking pictures of dogs but ring lights are really cool because you can shoot through the light and it creates a wicked reflection in your pets eyes, like a nice ring which brings us to our next tip.



Tip 6, focus on the eyes. There’s a reason they call them puppy-dog eyes, focus on your pets eyes. It’s the most dramatic. It’ll draw your viewers in and unless you’re trying to photograph some sort of action in the scene. There’s really no point in photographing the whole body, get it nice and tight on the eyes and it’ll create some drama.



Tip 7, use your phone flashlights if you don’t want to buy lights right away. Try using your phone’s flash to create some dramatic lighting. All you got to do is hang it over your pets head, moving it back and forth to see what looks good.



Tip 8, use props. Try using things like fairy lights or prisms they’re both super cheap at like 25 bucks for both. Why not use them they’re a great little prop that you can add it and add a little bit more flair to your pet photos.



Tip 9, change your perspective up. We’re so used to seeing our pets from the same point of view, change up the perspective get nice and low get nice and close people are naturally drawn to photos that feature something that they’re not used to seeing. So get nice and close and change up that perspective.



Tip 10, get creative. Try new and exciting unique shots. This was one of my favorites. Get a piece of clean Plexiglas. I put a little bit of honey on it then have your pet lick the honey as you snap away from the other side of the glass. Just be sure to watch out for the light and any reflections you might be catching.



There you have it ladies and gents, that’s ten quick ways to take some beauty professional shots of your pets.

There is also one cool thing is that you can turn your pet photo you took into hand-painted artworks in any size you like. Check out our hand painted dog portraits.