How to do Art Commissions?

Let’s start out by getting some important stuff out of the way when you commission an artist.

1, Please have your photo or design ready, and please do not shade it or if you do shade it, make this shading minimal. It makes it really difficult to color pick and pay attention to details and the artist may sometimes mistake shading for actual markings on your portrait that they think they need to draw.

2. Find the artists who take art commission jobs. Do your best to describe the painting you are after.

Please specify them while working out your order, like if your portrait is to be in realistic or artistic style and you want the artist to use oil, pastel, or acrylic, or do they have to remove any subjects from the background? Or, if they have special markings, they are an accessory that you really want them to take note of. It’s a lot easier to just state it before the artist starts instead of having them change things after they’ve completed your commission. This is probably the most important point.

Please have the money ready before you place an order. Here at Paint My Photos, we accept a 20% deposit first and pay the balance before shipping. It is helpful because you can only pay a certain amount at a time to start, but please do not contact us for a commission until you’re absolutely positive that you can pay.

Art in general takes time, and the artist is going to want to take their time on the piece to make sure you’re satisfied with it. Keep in mind that it’s always a nice gesture to tip an artist. Tipping the artist makes them keep you in their minds more than the other commissioners and may also make them prioritize your commission since you paid extra when you weren’t required to. Tipping the artist will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the artist, which is a win-win.

On the topic of details, if an artist finishes your commission in your quest with a few tweaks, I think that they have the right to start charging you a few dollars extra after multiple free ones. At that point, you’re basically getting a new revamped commission. So I think charging your fee for changes after doing a review for free is acceptable. However, at PaintmyPhotos Gallery, we offer unlimited revisions for free. You don’t need to incur any extra costs. Keep in mind that an artist has a right to decline your commission for any reason they may have. If they do it then the best thing to do is understand, move on, and find someone else to commission. More likely, you won’t be able to change their mind; respect the artists sensibilities and guidelines to their Commission’s if they don’t accept things like not-safe-for-work or certain species like animals are MEXT, then please don’t ask about it and don’t try and negotiate with them; they have their reasons Maybe they’re not comfortable drawing and saying things or maybe they just don’t have enough practice with drawing certain things, so they don’t want to be paid to draw and make something not worth the money. Just respect their terms of service, and you’re good to go.

Please respect the amount of money an artist is charging for their work. People tend to forget that you’re not only paying for the finished product but the artist’s time, work, services, and effort as well. They’re charging what they think is reasonable amount for their services, whether you agree with the prices or not. Either save up or just don’t comment on it and move on and find someone else to commission.

Back on the topic of references, sometimes more than one reference can be helpful. I mean, if you have more photos of the figure you want us to paint, please send them as well. It is definitely not required, but sometimes it’s really handy for artists to see more details and information on the figure.

I think that those are really the only basic things to keep in mind when commissioning an artist. All these tips were based on our experience with customers.

Please check our commission painting price if you want to commission a painting from us.