Portrait Painting Cost

A custom portrait painting is a great gift idea. It’s priceless, no matter if you commission a portrait for someone you love, family members, or just a self-portrait for yourself. How much does a portrait painting cost? There are tons of companies and portrait painters out there offering portrait services. How do you know you are not paying $5 or more? 

How much does a portrait painting cost from portrait companies?

According to Julia Baughman, the executive partner of Portraits Inc.. the price range of a portrait painting is $10,000 to $100,000, depending on the size, number of figures, and medium (oil painting, watercolor, pastel, pencil drawings, acrylic, etc.). 

Yes, if you buy from middlemen, local art galleries, or famous artists, it could cost you an arm and a leg. The good news is that there are still many great portrait galleries that want to offer portrait commission services at an affordable cost. 

Paint My Photos has been in the photography business since 2002, and we are an artist-based company, which means you buy directly from artists. Ordering from us can save you at least 50% of the cost. Trust me, you don’t deserve to pay that much money. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the quality; paintings are done by professional portrait artists. Our artist team is a secret source behind many top art galleries. They commission art from us and sell it for thousands of dollars.

This article will give you a rough idea of our portrait artist price list.

How much does a family portrait painting cost?

The cost of a family portrait painting is not just a number; it’s an investment in the legacy of love and memories. This timeless piece can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, heavily influenced by the artist’s reputation, experience, and medium used. Yet, the true value unfolds over time as it becomes an heirloom passed down through generations.

Below is our prices for a a three-person family portrait, for example:

8 x 10 inch: 199 USD
12 x 16 inch: 249 USD
16 x 20 inch: 274 USD
20 x 24 inch:  329 USD
15% cost will be added for each additional figure or pet

How much does a self-portrait cost?

In today’s market, commissioning a self-portrait can range from modest sums for budding artists eager to showcase their talent to astronomical figures demanded by renowned maestros whose brushes have danced on canvases gracing global galleries.

However, what truly accentuates the worth of a self-portrait is not just monetary; it’s rooted in human connection and introspection. This artistic endeavor invites us on a quest for identity and reflection that transcends traditional pricing structures. In essence, whether costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, each self-portrait becomes priceless as it mirrors the uniquely intricate tapestry of our existence.

Below are our prices for a self-portrait for your reference.

12 x 16 inch: 189 USD
16 x 20 inch: 214 USD
20 x 24 inch: 269 USD

How much does a portrait drawing cost?

Determining the cost of a portrait drawing is akin to unraveling a mystery, where the artist’s skill level, medium choice, and the complexity of the project play pivotal roles. It’s not just about putting a pencil to paper; it involves capturing souls and stories within sketches, which inherently adds value beyond basic materials and time. Prices can range dramatically – from an emerging artist charging $100 to renowned masters demanding thousands for their pieces. This variance isn’t merely about making art accessible but reflects the diversity in artistic journeys and client aspirations.

Below is our price for a portrait drawing, just for your reference.

12 x 16 inch: 189 USD
16 x 20 inch: 214 USD
20 x 24 inch: 269 USD
15% cost will be added for each additional figure or pet

How much does a pencil portrait cost?

The price tag on a pencil portrait can be as varied as the subjects they capture, with factors such as the artist’s notoriety, the complexity of the composition, and even the geographic location playing significant roles in determining cost. At its core, commissioning a pencil portrait is an investment in timeless artistry — one that can range from a modest $100 for an emerging talent to upwards of thousands for work by a renowned maestro. This wide spectrum reflects not just the technical skill involved but also the intimate connection forged between artist and subject through countless strokes.

Treading beyond mere numbers, it’s essential to recognize that each pencil portrait carries within it hours of meticulous work and a piece of the creator’s soul. More than just graphite on paper, these pieces are imbued with life and character. Therefore, when contemplating how much does a pencil portrait cost?, consider not only the financial aspect but also appreciate its intrinsic value – an enchanting blend of craftsmanship, emotional depth, and storytelling that transcends price tags. In this light, every dollar spent elevates from transaction to testament — celebrating human connection through art’s timeless lens.

How much does a pet portrait cost?

The cost of immortalizing your furry friend on canvas can vary as widely as the breeds themselves, each with its unique charm and character. On one end of the spectrum, budget-friendly digital options can start from as little as $30, making the joy of pet portraiture accessible to a broader audience. These digital delights often offer a modern twist on traditional pet artistry, embodying the spirit of your pet in vibrant pixels that can be easily shared or printed.

Venturing into the realm of hand-painted masterpieces, however, opens up a whole new world both in terms of customization and financial commitment. Prices here can soar to several hundred dollars depending on the artist’s reputation, intricacies involved, and the materials used. For those seeking an heirloom-quality tribute to their beloved pet—a piece woven with personal anecdotes and crafted with exquisite detail—the investment transcends monetary value. It becomes a treasure trove of memories; a timeless homage that reflects not just the likeness but also the essence of your cherished companion.

At Paint My Photos, the price of a hand-painted pet portrait is the same as for a person’s portrait.

Order a custom painting

In an age where digital screens flood our daily lives, the allure of physical art has surged, making the decision to order a custom painting not merely a luxury but an intimate venture into personal expression.

Imagine having an idea or memory that is uniquely yours transformed into a visual narrative by skilled hands. It’s not just about owning another piece of decor; it’s about embedding your story, your emotions and memories, into something tangible and timeless. The artist’s brush strokes become a conduit for translating those inexpressible feelings into colors and shapes.

This personalized journey doesn’t end with the completion of the artwork; it extends to how this custom creation transforms the space it inhabits. A custom painting acts as a focal point that radiates creativity, inspiring conversations, and connections among viewers who are invited into your personal saga through the canvas.

Ordering such art becomes less about acquiring objects for aesthetic appeal and more about investing in pieces that hold emotional significance, turning ordinary rooms into sanctuaries filled with stories waiting to be told. In essence, to order a custom painting is to immortalize what words cannot capture – ensuring that no matter where life takes you, you can always bring home along.

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