– I feel like I did better last time. This is Angie’s. (voices murmuring) It’s looking really good. – [Woman] I don’t see a smiley face. – Oh. There’s paint, there’s wine, and there’s dancing. What more can anyone ask for? (guitar strum, dog barks) Guys, today has been such an awesome day. It’s just been one of those days when,  like, everything goes great. I decided to splurge and pay to get my house professionally cleaned. Best decision ever. I cannot believe how happy it makes me. And the best part is that the fun’s not over. I have just arrived at Core Complex, which is in Kitchener, and I’m going to be attending a Paint Your Pet Night.

And I dunno if you know this about me, but I am a dog trainer; obviously, that’s my profession. But as a hobby, I really, really like to do anything to do with painting, music, or art stuff in general. And painting has been something I’ve really gotten back into in the last couple years, so I’m excited. I’ve been to one before. Last time I painted my puppy BeeLine, and tonight I thought I would give Grand Slam a try. I’m going for all the easy dogs first, so that I can get the hang of this before, you know, try something more challenging, like Funky, who’s all black and probably really difficult to paint.


Anyways, I’m excited to take you along with me, so I gotta get inside, ’cause I think they’re starting already. (upbeat music) – [Woman] How cute is that? Oh, come on. – We’re the only ones singing and dancing at this Paint Night. – It’s true. – Denise is finished. This is Alice. I think I’m almost done, but I’m getting to the point now where you start adding things, and then you can easily screw it up, so I dunno, I probably need to seek the advice of a professional. (upbeat music) – Turned out pretty awesome, didn’t it? It just like Grand Slam from that picture. I was really impressed with Instructor Denise, Instructor Lauren, and Instructor Angela’s paintings as well. I think everybody did such a great job and I was really jealous when I found out everyone was gonna be going to that paint night on a night when I had to work, but I do get the honor of putting it on our new LiveStream Friday’s backdrop.

By the time you guys see this, I hope to have added a few more things, you know, we’re just getting started here. But I hope to have added a few more things, maybe even before this Friday, when we’ll be Live Streaming, so I look forward to that. But if this is your first time on the channel and you consider your dog a family member, make sure you hit that Subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you spend some quality time with your four-legged family member. You see that video right beside me? That’s actually a video from our channel that YouTube thinks you’ll wanna watch next. On that note, I’m Ken. Happy training. (upbeat music).