What is a commissioned portrait?

Portrait commissions usually refer to ordering a customized portrait, painting, or oil painting reproduction of any subject you like from artists. It’s a true collaboration between the artist and the client. When they go well, these two parties work together perfectly to bring a beautiful artwork to life.

How much does a commissioned portrait cost?
It depends on the size, figures, and complexity of the painting commission. Please check the portrait artist price list.

Where can I commission a portrait painting?

Please check more information from this article: ‘Where to get a portrait painted?’

How do I commission a portrait painting?

Step 1: Choose the portrait photo you want the artist to paint.

Step 2: Fill in the order form here. And leave a message if you have any special requirements.

Step 3: Pay the deposit to start

Step 4: The artist starts working on the order

Step 5: We send photo of finished painting for approval

Step 6: Get the painting approved or adjust until it is approved

Step 7: Pay the balance

Step 8: Painting sent to customer