We are able to take a snapshot and turn it into essentially the most impressive reward youve ever given. A portrait artist meticulously hand-painted this in oil on canvas over the course of a few days, in the same manner that artist Kehinde Wiley painted Barack Obama’s presidential portrait painting. Now, earlier than that, I’m going into an element about what you just noticed. Have you ever trawled the web for hours on end, searching for a superb reward to particularly impress someone? Maybe you decided to spend a significant chunk of cash to get a contemporary, new mass-manufactured product. It is best to seek out them and be simply moderately impressed.

With undoubtedly no appreciation. You can’t inform them how much it costs. Finding the proper reward is just guesswork, considering that not only do you need to recognize what they truly need, youll additionally have to hope that they already have it. Its no longer your fault. Gift-giving is difficult, and finding the correct present takes plenty of time, luck, and cash. You’ve got all these high-quality pictures for your mobile phone. You spend quite a lot of time getting that ideal attitude on your face, the meals you’re consuming, the wonderful sunset from your trip, or your cute dog. These snap shots have meaning to you, and they are detailed, which means a lot to your friends too.

They’re the perfect fodder to create the most personalized, one-of-a-kind, targeted present. Possibly you’ve gotten some photos printed via a desktop. These pictures are specific and sentimental, which means you cannot simply email anyone a snapshot and call them Merry Christmas! Definitely, a printed photo makes it anything that you would be able to keep in real life; however, these prints cost simply cents to make, and they’ll be aware of that. We’ve located a technique to take a snapshot taken by means of ANY smartphone and turn it right into a reward with a purpose to make anyone’s jaw drop, considering it was once something previously best completed exclusively through royalty, the bourgeoisie, and sitting US presidents. Thats proper, that you may get the same present that former President Barack Obama and each US president acquired after they left place of business. We let you take any image that has detailed meaning to any individual and get an actual Indie artist to meticulously paint it in oil on canvas 100% by hand from scratch, stroke-by-stroke. An actual oil painting

It was all performed in exactly the same way that artist Kehinde Wiley colored Obama’s presidential portrait. Have you learned how much was once spent to provide the Obama presidential pictures? $5,000? $50,000? Are you trying $500,000. And these most often take 1-2 years to make. We did this remixed version for $59, and it was finished in 5 days. How much did you think this was able to price? Considering the fact that thats how much they will feel the fee. The portrayal will be so particular and ambitious that they’ll believe you located an artist and paid them thousands of bucks to make it over a couple of months of pre-deliberate thoughtfulness from you! But fairly, it begins at best at forty-nine dollars—$89 for smaller art work—and is finished in about seven to ten days. And it arrives *at your door* all in about 3 weeks from when you press the order button. Even if you wish to have a bigger couch-sized painting, that will only cost you a number of hundred greenbacks.

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Here is that embarrassing image we immortalized as an oil painting. That you would be able to take that embarrassing snapshot of your buddy, that romantic photo of your girl or boyfriend, that wonderful image from your trip, the lovely photo of your acquaintances canine ANY photograph saved to your cellphone or from social media, and an artist can use it as a reference to show it into something you could hold on your hand thats necessary and assured to provoke for the reason that it is THEIR picture and it becomes an actual work of art. Few individuals have carried out this and even understand that it is feasible.

This can be a remixed painting of Napoleon crossing the Alps by Kehinde Wiley, Obama’s portrait artist. Here is a similar remixed variant of the Napoleon painting where our purchaser received his possessive face painted into it and it was once completed in a mere 5 days. Its 100% painted from scratch, just like Wiley’s painting. We can take a meh picture and make it A-Meh-Zing. There’s no printing, digital art work, or anything like that. The artist looks at your image and uses it in simple terms as a reference as they paint it with the aid of their hands in its actual existence. The artists do not work for us at a facility. They’re members like this man or this guy. Or her. The rationale why we will get you this at such low pricing is considering the fact that there are countless numbers of artists out there who aren’t Kehinde Wiley. Who hasn’t been covered by the media and painted for US presidents? We in shape you from these artists and while you ship us your picture we get you the great artist centered on their specialities we now have had consumers like Alexis O’Hanian, the founder of reddit.Com and husband to Serena Williams, who’ve ordered multiple paintings from us! And we have now been featured on websites like Wired.com, TechCrunch, Intel.com, Engadget, and more! Not to point out over 9000 actual patron stories and scores of our artists and their paintings.

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